5 Ways to Having a More Eco Friendly Home

Energy efficiency is now one of the main goals of homeowners when they start building their homes. Fortunately, new technology is allowing homeowners to make modifications that allow them to make their homes not just energy efficient but also self-sustaining and eco-friendly. Here are 5 ways to do just that. 

Create a small backyard garden. 

A small backyard garden is one way to inject a little bit of sustainable living into your home. Plant a few vegetables, such as tomatoes and pepper which are easy to plant and grow. If you do not have a patch of earth in your home, you can still have a garden with plant pots. You can use kitchen scrap from vegetable and fruit peels as fertilizer. The greens can help keep your home cool and work as natural air purification systems as well. 

Install skylights. 

Daytime use of light bulbs can add up to considerable power costs over time. Using skylights will reduce your need to keep indoor areas lit during the day. Skylights over the kitchen or living room areas will let sunlight in, keeping your indoor spaces bright and well-lit with natural light. Having skylights that you can open up during good weather can also help improve ventilation and circulate the air inside the house without the need for air conditioning. With reduced need for artificial lighting during the day, you can effectively cut down your lighting power costs in half.

Insulate your home. 

Insulation is essential especially in cold climates if you want to reduce your heating costs. You may need to have your home assessed to determine which areas need insulation the most, but most companies offer that service for free. Maintenance is also key, especially since layers of insulation tend to compress over time and lose their heat trapping capabilities. If you already have insulation but still want to reduce energy consumption in the winter, use thicker curtains and check for gaps in the walls and doors where cold air can go through.

Update old appliances to newer, more energy efficient models.

New technology allows for energy efficiency in appliances unheard of 5 to 10 years ago. If your appliances are more than 5 to 10 years old, they could be costing you more in energy than they are worth. Upgrade to newer and more energy efficient models in order to enjoy the advantages of better energy efficiency and performance.

Install solar panels 

Solar panels are no longer as expensive as they used to be and you can have solar panels installed in your home in as short as a day. Solar energy can be used to produce solar hot water as well as power home appliances. If you are planning on using solar hot water Wellington is home to companies that offer solutions for sustainable living, among them the installation of solar hot water systems. Install hot water systems using solar panels and reduce your family's dependence on fossil fuels to produce clean water for drinking and cooking.

There are so many ways to lower power consumption, limit the amount of waste you produce, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. These are just five ways for you to create a more energy-efficient, more eco-friendly environment in your home. Particularly by installing solar water heating, you can slowly reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.